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"the next revolution in shoes"

-Taryn Rose M.D.



Beautiful high heels and shoes to feel

feminine, sexy, and confident on

any occasion.


Innovative engineering and

patented ALIA technology empower

women to reach their highest potential.


Designed by Italian master

designer, Enrico Cuini, using premium and

advanced materials.






Powered by ALIA (Active Lift in Alignment), dreamt in the Republic of San Marino and crafted by artisans in Italy, Enrico Cuini® delivers more comfort and stability in the highest, sexiest styles of shoes. Precise engineering, complex construction, luxury and technical materials make ALIA shoes limited in supply.



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Powered by ALIA

A revolutionary, dynamic support system for shoes.

Walk in shoes that realign your joints to their optimal position, relieving pressures on your soles and improving stability. No more pain, only much gain.

Our proprietary patent and trade secret technology provide a dynamic support to absorb shock and rebound energy.  These are Ferrari on heels! 

ALIA stands for Active Lift In Alignment. It also means sublime and exalted. We hope you will feel the same when you wear them.  They are beyond beautiful like you. 

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Based on testing by the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Industrial Ergonomics at the University of Cagliary in Italy:

  • Decreased pressure on forefoot
  • Better performance with dynamic response system
  • Increased stability for foot and ankle
  • Support all three arches of the foot for optimal joint positioning

The power of fashion and technology will elevate women.
— Taryn Rose, M.D.







Their story began 17 years ago at the Mondrian Hotel when Enrico sketched shoes for Taryn's first shoe collection. Life then took them in separate directions.

Taryn went on to build a $40 million revenue company while Enrico focused on his successful architecture, industrial design and historical building restoration business in Rome. Yet Enrico never forgot his love of shoes and Taryn's vision for comfortable and sexy shoes.  Inspired by a butterfly that landed on his studio window, Enrico used his deep experience in diverse fields to invent the "Wing Shoe"technology after two years of engineering and trials. The butterfly continues to be our sign and inspiration as the Wing Movement lifts off. 

We hope you will join us as we give women everywhere not shoes, but Wings, to reach their highest potential.



Taryn rose

Doctor. Designer. Entrepreneur.

An orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer, Dr. Rose married fashion and function in 1998 and changed the footwear industry forever. A high heel lover herself, Dr. Rose saw a need to combine her knowledge of foot biomechanics and passion for...

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Enrico Cuini

Artist. Architect. Engineer.

Enrico Cuini is an artist, architect, engineer, chemist, historian, philosopher, athlete. He is the modern day Renaissance man who combines multiple disciplines to create beautiful and functional products. By the age of 23 Enrico Cuini had his own design studio focused on...

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