Their story began 17 years ago at the Mondrian Hotel when Enrico sketched shoes for Taryn's first shoe collection. Life then took them in separate directions.

Taryn went on to build a $40 million revenue company while Enrico focused on his successful architecture, industrial design and historical building restoration business in Rome. Yet Enrico never forgot his love of shoes and Taryn's vision for comfortable and sexy shoes.  Inspired by a butterfly that landed on his studio window, Enrico used his deep experience in diverse fields to invent the "Wing Shoe"technology after two years of engineering and trials. The butterfly continues to be our sign and inspiration as the Wing Movement lifts off. 

We hope you will join us as we give women everywhere not shoes, but Wings, to reach their highest potential.




Doctor. Designer. Entrepreneur.

An orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer, Dr. Rose married fashion and function in 1998 and changed the footwear industry forever. A high heel lover herself, Dr. Rose saw a need to combine her knowledge of foot biomechanics and passion for fashion to spread ease to women everywhere. What started in a garage grew to a 40 million dollar business with boutiques all over the country. Rose has been featured on a variety of television programs, newspapers and magazines including Oprah, CNN, Today Show, New York Times, People magazine, Entrepreneur, In Style, Elle and countless more. Dr. Rose sold her business in 2008 an became passionate about technology. Unleashing her inner geek, Dr. Rose is currently working on DRESR, a game changing technology company delivering an entirely new e-commerce experience. "I see the future of fashion as where fashion and technology intersect. "says Dr. Rose.




Artist. Architect. Engineer.

Enrico Cuini is an artist, architect, engineer, chemist, historian, philosopher, athlete. He is the modern day Renaissance man who combines multiple disciplines to create beautiful and functional products. By the age of 23 Enrico Cuini had his own design studio focused on home and commercial designs, flooring, lighting inventions with over 200 clients. Enrico Cuini also restored buildings in ancient Rome requiring complicated engineering solutions while respecting the aesthetic integrity of these ancient structures. Even his athletic career as a European windsurfing champion and competitive sailing plays a part in his designs inspiring him to use advanced materials such as carbon fiber.