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A revolutionary, dynamic support system for shoes.

Walk in shoes that realign your joints to their optimal position, relieving pressures on your soles and improving stability. No more pain, only much gain.

Our proprietary patent and trade secret technology provide a dynamic support to absorb shock and rebound energy. These are Ferrari on heels! 

ALIA stands for Active Lift In Alignment. It also means sublime and exalted. We hope you will feel the same when you wear them. They are beyond beautiful like you. 

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Based on testing by the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Industrial Ergonomics at the University of Cagliary in Italy:

  • Decreased pressure on forefoot
  • Better performance with dynamic response system
  • Increased stability for foot and ankle
  • Support all three arches of the foot for optimal joint positioning

The power of fashion and technology will elevate women.
— Taryn Rose, M.D.