THE ALIA SOLUTION: Active lift in alignment

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After two months of using ALIA powered sneakers pressure point (red heat) of right foot has been alleviated showing ALIA may possibly have restorative effects due to realignment of the joints in optimal position.  Further expansion of this study must be conducted. 

Biomechanic testing shows that Enrico Cuini shoes (95mm heel tested) have the equivalent pressure surface area as a sneaker and show no high pressure points in the metatarsal head areas (ball of the foot). 

Advanced Materials

ALIA is made with advanced materials such as carbon fiber, titanium and nanotechnology resins so that it can respond to your every step with Active Lift In Alignment.

ALIA is our proprietary, patented technology in USA, China, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, UK, France, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Russia.

Patent pending in Japan, UAE, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia.


Based on testing by the Laboratory of Biomechanics and Industrial Ergonomics at the University of Cagliary in Italy:

  • Decreased pressure on forefoot
  • Better performance with dynamic response system
  • Increased stability for foot and ankle
  • Support all three arches of the foot for optimal joint positioning


Pressure mapping in our 100mm heel shows marked increased surface area in contact with soles of the feet and no hot pressure points (red heat area).